Evo, developed by Bio Sculpture, is the next generation in Healthy Nail Care.

The professional line consists of the revolutionary Evo Oxygenating Base40 fabulous colorsGloss Top Coat and Matte Top Coat. The easy on, easy off formula provides strength with the added benefit of improved air permeability, allowing the healthy and natural exchange of Oxygen (O2) and water vapor (H2O) between the nail and its environment. Evo provides chip-free, long lasting wear up to 3 weeks.

Bio Sculpture is committed to Healthy Nail Care and the formulation of the revolutionary nail gel prevents dehydration and damage. Evo’s Oxygenating Base is formulated with medical grade ingredients and contains Vitamin A and E. Similar to all Bio Sculpture products Evo is 5-FREE, 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

Evo combines the quality, health and durability synonymous with Bio Sculpture with a fast-lane approach. Its application is as easy as applying nail polish – BASE2 coats of COLOUR, TOP – each cured for 30 seconds using a LED lamp. When the time comes to change your nails to a new set, Gel Remover gently dissolves Evo from the natural nail.

How does it help my nails?

How does it work, and how does it keep your nails healthier than acrylics? Bio Sculpture designed the gel to allow the different parts of your nail to breathe properly

Firstly, the Oxygenating base: Large gaps in the microscopic structure of the cured base allow water vapour and air permeation.  H2O and O2 molecules migrate in and out, to and from the nail bed.

Secondly, the nail plate: Keratin – the fibrous protein that forms the structure of hair and nails – allows for the transmission of O2 and H2O molecules.

Thirdly, the nail bed: Oxygen (O2) and moisture vapour (H2O) balances the skin underneath the nail.

The gaps in the cured gel insert’s microscopic structure allow moisture and air to migrate in and out. This leads to a healthy and happy nail.

Bio Sculpture is bringing a revolution to the nail industry and was recently written up as the Green Pick by Elevate Magazine.

Evo is not a gel, it is not a gel-polish – it is Evo! 

How long does it last?

This product also lasts much longer on the natural nail than other Gel polishes. We recommend the gel to last 2-3 weeks on fingers (3-6 weeks on toes) but we have had clients that it has lasted over 4 weeks on.